2000  Presidential  Election - after-math

Palm Beach County Commissioner Bert Aaronson, who represents the West Boca and West Delray areas said :

"I  don't  think  we  have  3,000  Nazis  in  Palm  Beach  County"

The ballot in Palm Beach County was both "confusing" and "illegal."

All the polls have closed in the US in the most anticipated presidential election of the decade. But the next President is still unknown. The state of Florida was tossed between Al Gore and George W. Bush, finally settling down as a toss-up.

In the early hours of Wednesday, November 08, 2000, Bush was holding Florida by a thin margin of 1700 votes, which automatically qualifies for a recount by law since the lead is .5% or less of the vote.

Gore, who initially conceded defeat to Bush, called again to retract his concession.

In the national popular vote, Gore has a lead of about 97,000 votes.
But the presidency goes to the winner of the electoral vote, which is to be decided by Florida.

Without Florida, Gore has a 260-253 lead over Bush in the electoral vote.

It might be late Thursday night before America knows who its next president will be.

What an election!

However impeachment managers Henry "youthful indiscretion" Hyde and Bob "paid-for-abortion" Barr prevailed.

I still can't believe this presidential election is this close!
Al Gore, CLEARLY being the best man for the job is being run down by a bumbling moron with the worst possible record in Texas.

Green party candidate Ralph Nader who captured over 95,000 votes or 2% of the vote in Florida was an important factor in costing Al Gore the presidency.

Anybody who was watching these election campaigns and media coverage closely would credit the media hands down for pimping for Bush from the beginning, distorting Gore's image VERY unfairly, while giving Bush an easy ride on EVERYTHING :

Coupled with the media's shameless, relentless mopping the floor for Bush, the republican side also had the cash advantage ( no surprise there ! ).

The public, not paying attention to details of the issues swallowed up the "good" image of Bush and the apparant "bad" image of Gore.

Even the 3 debates which CLEARLY showed as to which candidate was superior in understanding of the issues, was cognizant of his own proposals and had a good command of the facts and details of the issues - AL GORE.
Dumbell Bush, on the other hand showed a PATHETIC understanding of the issues, was ignorant of any details of his own so-called proposals and cruised through the 3 debates with almost NOTHING on the issues and his proposals, but with REPEATED idiotic campaign slogans, which apparantly have been swallowed up by the public with ADS.

People from other countries have every right to think that Americans are so un-informed that they want to elect an idiot who has spent his life under his father's wings and a MONUMENTAL failure through out his lackluster life. This is a guy who couldn't find oil in Texas, eventually losing millions of his father's friends' money!

Even the Bush's three arrest records did not matter to the brain-washed public, not to mention Cheney's two arrest records.



pearly gates