Bush v. Clinton : 'A New Approach'
The Washington Post

February 27, 2001

President Bush outlined a "new approach for governing our great country" in his first nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress (see the complete text and video). Bush's predecessor, Bill Clinton, similarly promised to chart a new course in his first address to Congress in 1993, saying, "Our nation needs a new direction" (see the text).

When it comes to the actual policies both presidents outlined, how different or similar were they really? Use the links in the chart below to compare Bush's statements on key policy areas to statements on the same issues from some of Clinton's State of the Union addresses :

The Budget Bush in 2001Clinton in 2000
Campaigns/ElectionsBush in 2001 Clinton in 1999
DefenseBush in 2001 Clinton in 2000
Education Bush in 2001Clinton in 2000
EnvironmentBush in 2001Clinton in 2000
Foreign PolicyBush in 2001Clinton in 2000
Health CareBush in 2001Clinton in 2000
MedicareBush in 2001 Clinton in 2000
Role of GovernmentBush in 2001 Clinton in 1996
Social SecurityBush in 2001Clinton in 2000
TaxesBush in 2001 Clinton in 2000

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