Bush, instead of repeating "TOUGH  LUCK" to those emotional, disenfrenchised voters, should concede defeat and show some of that "Compassionate  Conservatism" he has been talking about
( or is it just smoke? - I think it is. ).

If Bush truly TRUSTS THE PEOPLE, he should concede accepting their verdict both nationally and in Florida.
( "I trust people" - is it just a campaign slogan? - I think it is. ).

I believe that Bush is neither a compassionate conservative nor a person who trusts people.

Knowing that a manual recount will put Gore ahead, the Bush campaign is trying to block it by taking the matter to the Federal court after criticizing Gore campaign of legalizing this matter.

Bush campaign is the first to go to court in this matter.

Realizing that the bare-minimum lead in Florida is evaporating in the handcount, Bush has started showing his true colors.

Dumbell Bush also has exhibited INCREDIBLE arrogance by contiuing to "put together" his unwon cabinet.

pearly gates