1. How best to organize on a local level to insure that eligible voters become registered and actually do vote on election day, - for Democratic Party candidates, - of course!
  2. How to insure that the Office of the President of the United States remains in the hands of a leader from the Democratic Party.
  3. How to elect Democratic candidates to achieve a majority of those supporting the Party's platform in BOTH the United States Senate and the House of Representatives.
  4. How Democrats from parts of the country where the Party is strong, can support Democratic candidates in other parts of the country where the opposition is strong.
  5. How elected Democratic representatives can best support and PASS the
  6. legislation needed to insure that ALL Americans have adequate and

    affordable basic health care at all times.

  7. How to insure that ALL Americans, especially those of succeeding generations, have their full retirement benefits when needed, that the "safety-net" features of the Social Security system are not eroded, and
  8. How to PREVENT those benefits from being whiffled away by ill-advised "investment" schemes or slight-of-hand accounting practices.