Election 2000 Slogans

Any effort by Ms.Harris to stop the hand counting before it is completed would be preemptory and purely partisan."
NYT Editorial, 11/15/00

Although  we  may  never  know  with  complete  certainty  the  winner  of  this  year's  election,  the  identity  of  the  loser  is  perfectly  clear :
It  is  the  Nation's  confidence  in  the  judge  as  the  impartial  guardian  of the  rule  of  law"

Justice John Paul Stevens

"When the cops join the robbers, we have a problem.
When the courts help the robbers, we have a crisis.
When our highest court becomes complicit in the robbery, we have a disaster."

Alan M. Dershowitz

Right-wing voters can be divided into two groups - the self-interested and the stupid.
In true Venn diagram style, George W. Bush seems to fall into both.

pearly gates