Facts Is Hard To Argue With If'n You Don't Use Fuzzy Math

Okay, here are the ‘hard numbers’ for the whacko right to chew on as they celebrate the anointing of the Texas WonderBoy to the highest office in the land :

According to the latest (11/25/00) numbers from USA Today, Gore has a vote total of 50,099,022 votes. That gives Gore about a 300,000-vote lead over BushBaby in the popular vote totals.

Only one other US presidential candidate in history has amassed more than 50 million popular votes – Ronald Reagan.

In his re-election bid in 1984, Reagan received 54,455,000 votes. Reagan also garnered the highest popular vote total ever as a first-time presidential candidate in 1980 by winning 43,901,812 votes – Almost 6 million votes LESS than Al Gore has gotten.

As for a Vice President running for the office of President, Gore outperformed then Vice President George Bush’s total in 1988 of 43,901,812 votes. (about 2 million votes more

Gore also did better than Bill Clinton did in each of his runs for President. Clinton received 44,908,254 votes in 1992 and 45,590,703 votes in 1996.

In ‘landslide’ victories, Gore still received more than either Lynndon Johnson in 1964 (42,825,463 votes) and Richard Nixon’s 46,740,323 votes in 1972.

In close elections, Gore is the hands-down champion vote getter. In 1960, Kennedy won by only 119,450 votes over Richard Nixon. And Richard Nixon defeated Hubert Humphrey in 1968 by 272,415 votes.

In  summation :

Note : All historic vote totals are from the National Archives.

Compiled by The Maverick Republican

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