The self-destructive GOP pyramid


Progressive Thought

Late Mr.Steve Kangas said :
"I think we'll see the GOP self-destruct in a few years.
I see no way of them reconciling these inherent differences."

Liberalism Resurgence

That is what I have been saying for four years now on the GOP in-fighting. The GOP is a very fragile coalition. The only thing that has united them is their hatred for liberals and the progress liberalism brings. Hatred is intrinsically not a stabilizing influence. It can't hold disparate groups together very long.

The GOP is comprised of four basic factions listed in descending order of power within the power

Fiscal Conservatives
Big Business interests who give the GOP most of its money.
They want, and get, big tax breaks and corporate welfare.
They are obsessed with tax cuts and eliminating environmental and consumer protection that cut into their profits.

Religious Reactionaries
The Christian Coalition and other Fundamentalist groups.
The provide about a third of GOP's votes.
They want to set up a Fundamentalist theocracy in the U.S..
They are obsessed with legislating their morality and outlawing abortion, homosexuality, freedom of expression, etc.

Social Reactionaries
These are the racists and jingoists who see liberalism as evil incarnate.
The really extreme social reactionaries have left the GOP and gone to the Libertarian party.
They are obsessed with eliminating all government except for police and military.
They tend to also distrust and hate organized religion.

Used to be known as "Rockefeller Republicans" and a dying breed in the GOP.
They are generally conservative on fiscal issues but liberal on social policy, yet they are pragmatists that try to build a consensus.

These factions can agree temporarily on particular issues, but their basic goals are largely incompatible.
What has brought the GOP to power has been the ascendancy of the religious reactionaries, the party's foot soldiers. However, the GOP knows they can't give in to the religious reactionaries' agenda or they will lose the big money they need.

The party leadership has engaged in a delicate balancing act. They have been successful so far only because the religious reactionaries have lacked the courage to act on their continual threat of leaving to form a third party.

pearly gates