Your Vote Doesn't Count When ...
American Politics Journal

Dave "Doctor" Gonzo

Is that grounds for impeachment, one has to ask? But I digress ...

At the end of the twentieth century, in the most contested and interesting election in modern history, the only outcome that mattered is that America learned the hard, ugly truth about the so-called "right to vote."

You're no better off than a peasant in a banana republic -- your vote does not count.

But look at the bright side.

Since your vote doesn't count, how legitimate will Little George's presence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue really be?

If your vote doesn't count, then he isn't your president.

Some politicians are saying that it's "time to heal." The Doc hears it as "time to heel" -- like a dog.

Forget about that -- your vote doesn't count, but your voice still does.

Maybe it's time you let your legislators at the federal and state level know how you feel.

'Nuff said.

pearly gates