GOP  Bush  2000  Campaign  Platform

  1. Clinton's Cock!

  2. Empty catchphrases :
    "Compassionate Conservatism"  "Reformer with Results"  "Uniter not a Divider"  "Prosperity with a Purpose"  "Squandered Opportunities"  "They have not led"

  3. Smokescreens and Diversions.

  4. More empty hot words :
    "Vision"  "Purpose"  "Decency"  "Integrity"  "Honor"

  5. Hide the "old guard" :
    Jesse Helms  Tom Delay  Strom Thurmond  Bob Barr  Dan Burton  Newt Gingrich  Henry Hyde  Trent Lott  Dick Armey  and the like. HYDE  and  DELAY ( good slogan )

  6. Be Vague. No specifics. Vague, vague, vague.

  7. Distortions of Fact, and other Fallacious Rhetoric. Propaganda is nice. Lie.

  8. Someone please straighten out our candidate's vocabulary.

  9. This is a Personality Contest -- Avoid Substance, Issues, and Policy.

  10. Above all, CLINTON's COCK!