Love  (?)  Is  in  the  Air
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GOP Pro-Impeachment Horndogs Marry their Homewreckers as Larry Flynt Says He's Going to Expose Part of Dubya's Own Secret Love Life
Tamara Baker

Monday, August 21, 2000 -- SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA (AmpolNS)

Ah, wedding bells are in the air this week for the Republican adulterous defenders of morality.

Newt Gingrich, having shed himself of the woman for whom he divorced his first wife while said Wife #1 was in a hospital bed recovering from cancer surgery, has just wed Wife #3, Callista Bisek, the woman for whom he left Wife #2, Marianne. The happy couple is registered at Williams-Sonoma, if you care to send them a gift.

Meanwhile, Tim Hutchinson, GOP Senator from Arkansas -- who, by the way, is also a Baptist minister -- is making it legal with his own former staffer, Randi Fredholm. The news of their longtime affair hit last year, just a few weeks before news of the Reverend Tim's divorce hit the papers. Now, don't Baptist ministers like the Reverend normally oppose divorce, much less adultery? And conservative Christians like him are usually the first to tsk-tsk over America's divorce rates. Here's what Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times has to say about the Reverend Tim's marrying the woman for whom he left his wife.

Sen. Tim Hutchinson. Divorced a year -- as if that sanitizes things -- he plans to marry a former staff member. Idle questions: Did his D.C. roommate, Bro. Asa, know about Bro. Tim's squeeze when he was piously prosecuting the president? Did Bro. Tim dishonor his public office with an intimate relationship with a young subordinate?

No matter the answers. Hutchinson can stay in office and let voters decide his suitability to serve. I'd just reverently suggest this to the former Baptist reverend: The next time you get the urge to pontificate about family values?
Put a sock in it.

Meanwhile, in that same issue of the Arkansas Times, we find John Brummett, late of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (until the game-playing being done by the arch-conservative Friends of Kenny running the paper got to be too much for him), taking about Senator Hutchinson's political future.

Mr. Brummett thinks that the Reverend Tim, aware that his hypocrisy, both as a politician and a man of the cloth, might have tanked his chances for reelection, may decide, Giuliani-like, to suddenly quit the race in favor of letting his brother, House Manager Asa Hutchinson, get a shot at being promoted to the Senate. The Arkansas Republicans are denying these rumors, and the Reverend Tim is still out there raising money for his candidacy, but I seem to recall that Rudy the G. was fundraising right up to the second he announced his withdrawal from the New York Senate race, so that's neither here nor there.

Such shocking behavior! No wonder George W. Bush, who so desperately wants to "restore honor and dignity to the White House", has been distancing himself from his House and Senate brethren. After all, he says he's always been faithful to his wife Laura.

Except that, if what Larry Flynt was hinting at during an appearance on LA radio station KROQ is true, then Dubya may have more in common with Newt and the Reverend Tim than he's willing to admit.

Larry said he has to get clearance from his lawyers and with the source of his latest world-shaker before he can come fully clean on it, but he strongly hinted that :

Dubya not only has at least one adulterous affair in his past, but that the affair resulted in an unwanted pregnancy which was aborted.

Will the Angel of Political Death do to George W. Bush what he did to Gingrich and Livingston? Stay tuned.