Mike  Gallagher  turns  on  Bush

Conservative talk show host Mike Gallager has turned on Bush, and has thrown his support behind Buchanan. He says that he can no longer support a wimp who won't stand up for his beliefs, or stand up against Gore.

He has basically conceded that Gore will win because of Bush's incompetence, and therefore thinks he should vote for Buchanan, and that he can do so with a clear conscience - since a vote for Buchanan can't be considered a vote for Gore - considering the fact that Bush can't even beat Gore.

I think we are going to see an erosion of the Republican base, to a bigger extent than we might have suspected. We all knew that Buchanan would appeal the the far right, but that he would have trouble getting support if there was no chance of him winning. But i think he's gaining a little momentum as people start to feel that Bush can't win either.


This was supposed to happen in July.

The Republicans are too goddamn stupid to see the writing on the wall.

At least Gore v. McCain would've been a race.