Gore's  Labor  Day  Message

Dear Friends,

This Labor Day should be a day for special celebration. These past eight years have shown what hard work can do for our nation. Your hard work has helped create 22 million new jobs. We have the biggest budget surpluses in history. Incomes are rising, and we are living in the longest period of economic growth in our nation’s history. Let me be clear : the credit for this prosperity belongs to you –
hard-working American families.

We must continue to work together in order to keep our prosperity going and extend it to every working family. We have a responsibility to fulfill our obligation to our parents and make new progress for our children. Together, let’s support and strengthen families by investing in health care, education, middle class tax cuts and a secure retirement.

The right to organize is a fundamental American right. It must never be threatened and I will fight to protect it. I pledge to you that I will never stop working for you and I will never let you down.

Enjoy your Labor Day. You deserve it.


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1. Join the Women For Gore/Lieberman e-mail project! Women can be the winning difference for Al Gore and Joe Lieberman in this important election – and you can make the difference where you live. Join, our Women For Gore/Lieberman e-mail project, and get regular campaign updates and news -- and learn more about how you can get involved in your own community. And remember to encourage every woman you know to join too. Sign up at

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9.Got to http://www.democrats.org

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10. Become a DNC "E-Precinct Leader"

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