NY  Times  endorses  Al  Gore

The New York Times endorsed Vice President Al Gore for president, citing his experience, knowledge of government, diplomatic decision-making and devotion to the general welfare.

In an editorial in Sunday editions, the Times said Gore's Republican opponent George W. Bush lacked the experience to be the country's leader.

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Bush "is not without his strong points," the newspaper said, but "his resume is too thin for the nation to bet on his growing into the kind of leader he claims already to be....The job description is for commander in chief, not advisee in chief."

"The vice president has struggled impressively and successfully to escape the shadow of the Clinton administration's ethical lapses, and we believe that he would never follow Bill Clinton's example of reckless conduct that cheapens the presidency.

"His seriousness of purpose, his commitment to American leadership in the world and his concern for those less fortunate in American society convince us that he will lead the country into a creative, productive and progressive era at the beginning of the 21st century," the paper said.

Among other major U.S. newspapers endorsing candidates for president, The Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer and The San Francisco Chronicle have also endorsed Gore, while The Chicago Tribune, The Seattle Times and The Cincinnati Enquirer have endorsed Bush.