Subject: Wait, there's more...

 In addition to my cartoons about the convention, I’ve made some musings
 that I posted on the History to frustrate the righties.

 Once again, The Republicans fail to come up with anything new.

 Shades of the Democrat Convention of yesteryear:
 “Don’t stop thinkin’ about tomorrow”with all the feel good rock music.
 And all the minorities (too bad it’s just for show for the republicans)

 On the third night of the GOP Nazi-Con:

 Dick “The Dick” Cheney even had to steal a line from Gore
 When he said, “it’s time for them to go.”

 Former football quarterback, Steve Young, gave the invocation.
 Young who used to be a Democrat, suffered several concussions during his career.
 Which explains why he converted to Republican-
 after he received too many blows to the head.
 (made a cartoon out of that one)

 Highlights of The Dick’s speech:

 “America is a great country…!
 The land is rich…!
 People are happy…!
 Businesses are prospering…

 It’s time for a change!”

 ha ha


 “Al Gore is trying to separate himself from Bill
 Clinton’s shadow, but it won’t work!
 We will never see one without thinking of the other!
 Under Clinton, we’ve had the best prosperity…
 The lowest unemployment…
 The lowest inflation…
 The lowest crime rate…
 The highest stock market…
 The highest consumer confidence…

 Does anyone seriously believe that under Mr. Gore,
 The next four years would be any different from the last eight?”

 Ha ha (made a cartoon out of that one, too)

 When the only gay republican allowed to speak,
 Shelving their original plan of protest,
 the Texas delegation only bowed their heads in protest…

 Instead of their original plan to hang him from a barb wire fence.

 ha ha


 Lots of speakers ton the second night of the GOP Nazi-Con…

 I see John McCain showed up to kiss the rear of the man
 that accused him of being pro-beast cancer.
 Oh well, Gen. Powell sold out yesterday,
 I guess it was McCain’s turn tonight.

 I saw little Ricky Schroder from Silver Spoons.
 Bob Dole mumbled his way thru a speech.
 And Stormie Normie who lost a war spoke via satellite.
 Lots of minorities you rarely see associated with the republican party
 (unless it’s for a photo-op)
 minorities that are usually kept hidden in the background were allowed to speak.
 Lots of speaking about God, religion, God, religion, God, religion, God, religion, God, religion,
 God, religion, God, religion, God, religion, God, religion, God, religion, God and religion
 implying that their God and their religion is what’s best for you.

 But what was amazing was who DIDN’T speak.

 Where was the pro-life crowd?
 Why didn't they mention that the republicans party's
 platform says that if a woman is raped- she MUST have her rapist's baby?

 Or that if giving birth to a baby will kill the mother, they don't care?

 Why didn’t they mention that they were the party that went against the public and impeached
 A most popular president that’s presided over the most prosperous time in US history?
 If they are SOOOOOOO proud of their false impeachment, why didn't they bring it up?

 But where was the Republican “Old Guard” that actually define what the republican party is about?
 Where was Dan Quayle?
 Why didn’t they allow Bush Sr. to speak?
 Where was Trent Lott?
 Where was Tom DeLay?
 Where was Dick Armey?
 Where was Henry Hyde?
 Where were the rest of the House Managers that falsely impeached Clinton?
 Where was the Christian Coalition?
 Where was Pat Robertson?
 Where was Newt Gingrich
 And all the rest of the hateful Republican White Power

 I’ll tell you where.
 Bush Jr. said that he didn’t want any of their Nazi
 hate to Eff up his election like they did for Dole in ’96.
 And for Bush Sr. in ’92.
 That’s why he manufactured the phrase “Compassionate Conservative.”
 He wants to distance himself from the white power republican conservatives of old.

 He is in essence saying “This isn’t your father’s republican party-
 They were a bunch of hateful Nazis. But not me.
 I’m a different republican than them.
 I’m “Compassionate.”

 He’s gambling that if he locks the hatemongers in the closet long enough,
 He can fool the public.
 Then if he wins (ha ha), he’ll let them out-
 And it’s good ol’ republican hate…
 Discriminating against blacks
 Discriminating against latinos
 Discriminating against women
 Discriminating against gays
 Giving breaks to Oil companies that rip the public off
 Giving breaks to companies that pollute
 Being in the pocket of the NRA
 Being in the pocket of the Christian Coalition
 Being for making students pray Christian prayers in school
 Gutting the education system

 In other words-
 Business as usual for the republicans.


 Kevin at-
 Cunningham Strikes: political cartoons