Doc's DIS-patch  Hey Janet ...  Fire Robert Ray's Butt!
American Politics Journal

Dave "Doctor" Gonzo

Wednesday, August 30, 2000 -- SOMEWHERE IN UPSTATE NEW YORK ( AmpolNS )

The Doc knows full well that Attorney General Janet Reno is a very busy woman.

She has to balance her schedule between enforcing federal law, fending off the demands of loony right wingers in and out of Congress that keep calling for yet another money-wasting investigation of some non-scandal, dealing with the occasional high-profile media-fed "crisis" such as that idiotic Elian Gonzalez imbroglio that was fueled by publicists for the hard-right CANF, and debunking the unrelenting and often off-base questioning of the clueless press.

The Doc hopes she can find time in her schedule to deal with a recent problem.

His name is Robert Ray. It's time for Reno to boot Ray off the public dole and send him packing for the private sector.

And she has good reason to do so.

You see, Ray -- the successor to Kenneth Winston Starr as "independent" (yeah, sure) counsel, who now spends his time helping line the pockets of his good friends, the House "Manglers" -- announced last Friday that he expects to make public his "findings" concerning the Whitewater nonscandal just a few weeks before New Yorkers head to the polls. One of the candidates, Hillary Rodham Clinton, has been the subject of years of unrelenting and desperate "investigations" engineered to dig as much dirt as possible for the express purpose of defaming the First Lady and her husband.

Ray presides over an arguably unconstitutional "fourth branch" of government that looks to be engaged in a pattern and practice of leaking damaging half-truths (if not outright lies) about the First Couple. And yeah, he may have exonerated Hillary in the so-called "Filegate" matter, but then he turned around and attacked her conduct in the "Travelgate" matter by twisting the thinnest of evidence -- and acting as if it is not the right of the President to replace appointees from a previous administration, especially those he has reason not to trust.

Ray said, "It's my intention to issue those findings and conclusions prior to the election. Right now I'm trying for mid-September."

In other words, Ray had the unmitigated audacity that he intends to launch a potential "pre-October Surprise."

It's a foregone conclusion that there are going to be no indictments in the Whitewater matter -- a story that the New York Times misreported back in 1992 and still refuses to correct.

But that's almost beside the point. The plain truth is that the timing of this report -- whether it criticizes Hillary or, for that matter, exonerates her and praises her to high Heaven as an ethical, responsible and decent lawyer-- taints it as a political ploy and serves to undermine any substance, if any, the report might carry.

That's what an estimated SEVENTY MILLION bucks of your tax money will have paid for.

On top of that, it turns out that Ray has been wasting yet more taxpayer money on private dicks! Last Tuesday, AP reported that Ray has flushed three quarters of a million of YOUR taxpayer bucks down the toilet -- including $210,777 for four PIs. Ray has hundreds of agents already on the federal payroll at his disposal -- with far more resources at their disposal than even the most well-equipped detectives.

Janet Reno, enough is enough.

Fire Robert Ray. His conduct fits the pattern of a low-ball political operative, not an independent counsel.

Sure, the neofascist wingnuts will go nuts. Let 'em whine and moan, I say. You know the old saying: "Give 'em enough rope..."

'Nuff said.