An   Open   Letter   to   Swing   State   Voters
American Politics Journal

Dear Reader,

As a member of a critical swing state in the upcoming Presidential election, you have probably been subjected to more that your fair share of drivel. The media coverage here in "Joklahoma" has been pretty awful, and the outcome is a lock for the Texas Governor.

Not much that a critical thinking, voting progressive can do?

Then I got to thinking, that just because the Limbaugh "Ditt-iot Brigade" will anoint the Shrub in the Joklahoma vote, doesnít mean that I should stand by without raising a cry -- a battle cry directed at all independent, progressive voters.

Do you really want a President who will return the US economy to the glory days of Reaganís ďtrickle on,Ē triple- dip recession Ė while providing an opportunity for the richest 1% to raid the Treasury yet again (as if they really need it!)??

Do you really want a President who claims to be "forthright" -- and yet claims his flying career in the Air National Guard (during the height of Vietnam war) was cut short because his jet model was retired and he decided to quit flying? This is a proven lie -- his model wasnít retired for another 2 years, and he didnít decide to quit flying, he was suspended from flight duty for failure to take the required medical physical!Imagine for a moment the media clamor if Al Gore had gone AWOL for over a year !!

Do you really want someone who made over $300,000 from what amounts to insider trading, and should have been prosecuted by FCC enforcing the rules for his buddies in Big Biz ?? Shrubs environmental record includes making many air/water standards voluntary for his buddies in Houstonís toxic alley; the petrochemical complex. Are these policies something we want to go national??

Do we want a President who claims to be a "leader" in health care, when his primary claim to leadership was to leave a bill unsigned (the second time, that is Ė the first time, he vetoed it!) and allow it to become law because his veto couldnít be sustained?? Add to this the thousands of children who would have been covered by FED programs if Texas had got off itís duff and notified them of their eligibility.

Do you want to see the Supreme Court populated with more Scalias and Thomases? Do you want your personal freedoms further curtailed? Do you want to see the repeal of Roe v. Wade?

Shrub is no kind of leader. He is bought and paid for. And he will sell you out at the first opportunity. He was born on third base and tells everyone he hit a triple. He may even believe it himself.

But W stands for weasel.

If you vote for W you will regret it.

And a make no mistake -- a vote for Nader is as good as a vote for W.

A vote for Nader will turn the keys of the country over to the right wing extremists, who will undercut the hard won progress of recent years. Of course there is still much to do to win equality for all, in practice as well as in law. But this wonít be achieved by a Nader vote. Please donít vote for Nader and give the election to the Texas tyrant. Your vote for Gore/Lieberman can make the difference. Help send GW back to Austin.


Bill Rollins
Bartlesville, OK