Bill Clinton   -   A Profile in Genius
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This site is intended to be an analysis of the talents, abilities and behaviors of Bill Clinton that contribute to his recognition as a genius, not just his presidency.

Why should Bill Clinton be considered a genius?

He has shown a remarkable ability to thrive in many varied environments, adapt to changing conditions, and a determination to accomplish his goals. As a child, young Bill Clinton expressed great concerns about such profound concerns as racism. As a teenager, Bill served as the adult in his household and as a mediator in his mother's rocky marriage. Bill Clinton also thrived in college and as a scholar. Bill Clinton also proved to be an excellent law professor before his political career. Bill Clinton, however, particularly succeeded in the political field. Throughout his career in politics, Bill Clinton has overcome numerous hardships in pursuit of his lifetime goal of becoming the President of the United States. Although not one of his greatest skills, Bill Clinton also has talents as a musician, which also illustrates his genius abilities. This is the genius of Bill Clinton.


Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III on August 19, 1946 in Hope, Arkansas. Even at an early age, Bill expressed great concern over injustice toward others and his religion.

Bill Clinton's grandfather owned a general store which had both black and white customers (quite rare for Arkansas in the 1950's). Young Bill loved to spend time with his grandfather, who taught him that black people are just as good and decent as white people, and should be respected. From this point forward, Bill expressed regret and outrage at acts of racism. Bill's early lessons in racism still greatly influences Bill Clinton's speeches and public policy as President.

Bill Clinton also exhibited unusually solemn attitudes toward his religion during his early years. In his household of his mother, stepfather, and stepbrother, Bill was the only one who attended church. Bill Clinton often walked to church alone, often during his spare time. The church minister remembers that Bill Clinton was often waiting at the church before the minister arrived to open up the church, and Bill Clinton was only thirteen years old.

Bill's concerns over religion and racial injustice indicate the giftedness of Bill Clinton as a child. As a teenager, Bill Clinton continued to show the characteristics of someone much older.


As a teenager, Bill Clinton assumed the role of head of the household as his mother's marriage turned rocky. Bill's stepfather suffered from alcoholism, and occasionally turned abusive toward Bill's mother. Bill, now over six feet tall, ordered his stepfather not to lay a hand on his mother. Bill Clinton even helped his mother arrange a divorce by calling his mother's attorney to report his stepfather's abuse.

During these high school years, Bill clearly was the authoritative voice in his family. Bill Clinton often took it upon himself to create order. He hated to see conflicts that were brought upon by his stepfather's alcoholism. Bill's role as the head of the household further supports the contention that Bill Clinton has a genius ability.

These experiences also created a significant impact on Bill's life and beliefs. Bill Clinton has always shown outstanding inter-personal skills, and Bill has often used those skills to create a consensus. Examples of this include his compromises with the Republican Congress over welfare reform and the budget. Because of his desire to reduce conflicts, Bill Clinton has worked tirelessly for peace in the world.


Bill Clinton continued to exhibit extraordinary ability throughout his scholarly career. Near the top of his high school class, Bill attended the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. He was the only student from Arkansas in a school dominated by eastern prep school students, but in his determination to make friends and lead, he was elected Freshman Class President. Academically, Bill outshined nearly every other student at Georgetown. In a Western Civilization class of 250, Bill was one of two students to receive an A.

The real reason Bill Clinton was drawn to Georgetown, however, was because of Georgetown's proximity to the Capitol Building. Through volunteering on a failed campaign for governor, Bill earned a position as an aide to Senator William J. Fulbright, one of Bill's childhood heroes.

Through this position, Bill received firsthand political experience from one of the nation's most respected Senators. Senator Fulbright also encouraged Bill to apply to become a Rhodes Scholar, something that Senator Fulbright himself had done in his youth. Bill decided to go through the grueling application process, finally being selection as one of the 63 Rhodes Scholars nationwide. As a Rhodes Scholar, ill went to Oxford, England to study for two years.

After studying at Oxford, Bill enrolled at the top-ranked Yale Law School where he earned his law degree and met a young woman named Hillary Rodham.

These incredible academic accomplishments indicate Bill's drive and determination for success that makes him a genius.


After law school Bill became a law professor at the University of Arkansas-Fayettville. He quickly became a popular professor among the students because of his engaging teaching style. At a school new to desegregation, Bill Clinton helped black students who were still facing discrimination by other students and some from other faculty members.

Teaching proved to be one of Bill Clinton's many talents, but it proved to be just a stepping stone to his dream of a successful political career.


In 1974, Bill ran for Congress against an incumbent Republican Congressman. No one expected Bill to win or even be competitive. Bill, however, campaigned hard and only lost by a few hundred votes. Instead of discouraging him, Bill went back out to meet people the day after the election.

In 1976, Bill was elected the Attorney General of Arkansas at the age of 30. Two years later Bill ran for governor and won, becoming the youngest governor in the United States in over four decades. Bill Clinton, however, became too ambitious and alienated the voters of Arkansas, losing a close re-election campaign. Although this would have ruined the careers of most politicians, Bill Clinton persevered and rebuilt his image and won back the governor's mansion in 1982. Bill, learning from his earlier mistakes, toned down his agenda, but still accomplished his goal of improving Arkansas' public schools.

Bill has also exhibited slightly erratic behavior characterized by several geniuses. In 1988, nearly all of Bill Clinton's friends expected him to run for president. As late as thirty minutes before Bill's press conference, his top aide was convinced that Bill would run for president. Hillary had no clue what Bill had decided. Apparently, Bill decided when he was walking to the podium that he would seek re-election as governor and not seek the presidency.

Bill, however, did make one enormous blunder during the 1988 campaign. Bill gave a horrible speech at the Democratic National Convention. Many pundits declared his national political career dead before it even started.

Bill Clinton, however, proved the pundits wrong by winning the presidency in 1992, by overcoming a plethora of charges brought by some very powerful opponents. Throughout, Bill Clinton has surmounted many setbacks during his presidency including failure of his health care package, the 1994 Congressional elections, and of course the numerous scandals. But despite these setbacks Bill Clinton persevered and accumulating a significant number of accomplishments, including passage of his 1993 Budget, the Brady Bill, a balanced budget, welfare reform, NAFTA, and winning re-election in 1996.


This web site is just a short description of the talents of Bill Clinton, but I have done my best to show the genius that Bill Clinton has exhibited in his life. I could have included more examples, but I believe the events that I have relayed best illustrate the genius of Bill Clinton.

Although the book hasn't been written on the Clinton Administration, Bill has clearly proven to be a genius through his multiple talents, drive, determination, ambition, and perseverence. Bill Clinton really has proven to be the "Comeback Kid".

The main source for my factual information comes from the book First In His Class by David Maraniss. For other resources on Bill Clinton please visit Democrat Party.

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