Dick Cheney's Voting Record

During his eleven years in Congress, Dick Cheney may have appealed to moderates and worked with liberals, but his record was strictly conservative.

"No question, Dick Cheney is a bona fide conservative. He bills himself as such, but not an ideologue," said Thomas Mann of the Brookings Institution.Cheney believes the government's role in social issues should be limited.

"Wyoming is a very conservative state," said former House Minority Leader Bob Michel, a Republican from Illinois. "He was simply voting the convictions of the people back home."

Meet the Carlyle Group

BC ticket - Does it mean "Backward Chase" ticket ?
Going back to Bush Sr.'syears ?

Has Daddy's Boy Bush Jr. shown "Leadership Qualities" in selecting his Veep?
Bush Sr.'s fingerprints are all over this selection.

BC ticket - The Millennium to which this ticket will take this country.

Has GWB shown "compassion" in his selection ?
I think not.

Compassionate Conservative?  Leader?  Reformer?  - NOT   NOT   NOT.

Daddy Picks a Babysitter for Little Shrub - Rack

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