The Starr "Report"

The Starr Report as analyzed by the staff of The Washington Post

The entire sequence of events :

Suggests An Intention by the OIC to ensure that the expansion of jurisdiction was kept a secret until the President and Ms.Lewinsky had given testimony under oath and ( if Ms.Lewinsky could be so persuaded ) she had been enlisted to do surreptitious taping.


Rather than taking steps to defer or avoid any possible interference with the Jones Case, The OIC did everything in its power - and some things outside its authority : TO  SET  UP  A  CASE  AGAINST  THE  PRESIDENT.

James Carville and Kenneth Starr

"As with mosquitoes, horseflies and most bloodsucking parasites, Kenneth Starr was spawned in stagnant water.

"What in the name of God would have happened if the man who was investigating Gingrich [Independent Counsel James Cole] was representing the AFL-CIO and giving speeches to gay groups and environmental groups? It would be the end of days."

And the Horse He Rode In On : The People V. Kenneth Starr

Kenneth Starr


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