Who Should Concede?
NOT so fast, Dumbell B
Pearly Abraham

Operation successful; Patient dead.

Election over; Democracy dead.

The U.S. presidential election of 2000 is one for the History books.

A nation clearly divided along party/ideological lines. The results of this election have shown that scenario clearly.

The structure of the U.S. constitution is in the way of determining who the next president of the U.S. will be.

With both the parties and their candidates failing to concede, an objective, rational view of the situation is stillpossible.

"Any effort by Ms. Harris to stop the hand counting before it is completed would be preemptory and purely partisan."
NYT Editorial, 11/15/00


Bush "lead"        Nov.7        Machine Recount        "Certified"        Dec.10

???????????         1725                 930                         537               135

The  above  FACTS  clearly  indicate  who  the  President-elect  is  -  without  a  doubt  ***  AL  GORE.

"Official" Bush lead in Florida -      537

Recount Gore lead in Florida -      9 ( still changing )

Gore lead in the POPULAR VOTE -      540,435 ( still changing )

Campaign aides say Gore won the election by nine votes, based on votes counted but not certified by the state. As the Democrats see it, Gore should have picked up 157 votes from Miami-Dade County and another 215 votes from Palm Beach County. On top of that, Democrats argue that 174 overseas absentee ballots that went to Bush should have been disqualified. When the 372 uncounted Gore votes are added to his certified total and the 174 Bush votes are subtracted from his final count, Gore comes out ahead by nine votes. ( CNN )


Bush "lead"        Nov.7        Machine Recount        "Certified"        Dec.10

???????????         1725                 930                         537               135




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Daddy Bush's Secretary of State, James  Baker, as quoted by Ed Koch in the New York Post, 1992

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"To  protect  the  will  of  the  people, 
the  most  accurate  and  fair  way  to  decide  a  close  election  is 
by  a  hand  count  of  ballots"

"The  legislature's  job  is  to  write  the  law,
the  executive  branch's  job  is  to  interpret  it"

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